Fatcow Webhosting Plans

Founded in 1998, FatCow is a customer-friendly webhosting service that provides value and reliable features to its clients. It is especially ideal for small and mid-sized business users who want an easy-to-use webhosting service that is affordable and provides real value. This is why the company has taken a one plan, one price approach. This one plan has all the FatCow features that clients need to ensure that their website is visible and accessible on the Internet.


FatCow Features

Site-building tools
Clients can create a great website using this company’s point and click site-building tool. There are very many templates and themes to choose from, and they can use the tool without any knowledge of programming or coding.

Online business tools
The webhosting plan has a number of tools that make it easier for clients to conduct their businesses online. These include sales options, credit card integration, PayPal integration and shopping carts.

Clients can customize their email address and check their email from anywhere with this plan’s email feature.
Application installation tools
The plan has an installation wizard that is very easy to use and that provides detailed instructions on how to add a number of applications to a site. Some of the applications that this wizard helps clients install include blog software and a photo gallery.

Search Engine Optimization credit
FatCow has marketing and search engine optimization features that help clients compete with other websites to reach their target audience. This features help clients advertise to potential clients and grow their business. Clients can get marketing advertisement and SEO credit to help them advertise in major search engines, such as Yahoo and Google.

Cloud storage
This is a new feature that allows customers to store documents, videos, music and photos in the cloud. Clients get up to 1GB of storage space, so that they can access their data and information from any device and at any time.

Knowledgeable customer support team
FatCow is already extremelly user-friendly and easy to use. However, in case the client has any questions, they can contact the friendly support team at any time of day and night. The support team is very knowledgeable, and the crew is available to answer any question that clients have about the webhosting services and features. Customers can reach them via online chat, email or phone.

Green webhosting
FatCow is friendly to customers and even friendlier to the environment. Individuals who wish to reduce their carbon footprint can trust the services of FatCow, as it fully relies on wind energy to power its data centers and offices. Therefore, because FatCow’s webhosting services is eco-friendly, the client’s website is green as well. Clients can use this to appeal to eco-conscious customers and increase their customer base. They can even get a free green badge to put on their website to show that they have gone green.

When looking for a webhosting company, clients need a reliable webhosting provider that is user friendly and affordable. With its great features and a special introductory rate of $49 a year, FatCow definitely meets this criteria. It sets itself apart by creating a target market and serving them fully. For this reason, it gets a 5/5 star rating for excellent service provision and great features.